Handwoven Market Baskets, the best selection in Australia.  Handmade in Morocco from palm leaves.  Can resemble cane baskets and wicker baskets. Great beach baskets and shopping bags.

Bundle of 5 Imperfect Natural Marketeers

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 Bundle of 5 Imperfect Natural Marketeers
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PLEASE NOTE: These baskets are imperfect, which means they may have a mark in the leather, a knot in the weave, a different size to the dimensions on the description or an upside down label. While the baskets may look imperfect they are still strong and hard-wearing.

A classic French-style market basket, with long (70cm) flat leather handles. Can be worn over shoulder or carried by hand. (10 rounds)

Still as good as a fully priced item but a little more of a rustic basket.

Approximate dimensions and weight: L: 40-50cm W: 47-53cm H: 30-37cm, weight 420-500g)