Handwoven Market Baskets, the best selection in Australia.  Handmade in Morocco from palm leaves.  Can resemble cane baskets and wicker baskets. Great beach baskets and shopping bags.

Everyday Basket - Knot Bottom

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 Everyday Basket - Knot Bottom
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Medium French market basket with long, flat dark leather handles and additional leather detailing at strap base.

The Everyday basket is great for a quick trip to the grocer or farmers markets, a day at the beach, a weekend picnic, or just as a home storage basket.

Our market baskets are similar to straw baskets, but are handwoven from palm leaves. This means our baskets are eco-friendly, sustainable and very strong.

These market baskets are available for wholesale and retail.

L: 50cm | H: 35cm

NOTE: Handmade baskets always vary in size so the measurements are approximate.