These baskets are genuine French-style market baskets, hand crafted in Morocco from natural palm fibre with strong Moroccan leather handles.

Banjara Tassel SMALL

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 Banjara Tassel SMALL
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Small Banjara Tassel - please see below images for size comparison of small and large tassels. Basket pictured is a Juliet (large) basket

The nomadic Banjara tribe residing in the deserts of Rajasthan in India are known for their colourful attire and adornments.

This is a vintage Banjara tassel that would have been worn by a woman as an accessory or may have been used as a camel swag to decorate their camels.

Enjoy the fun, history and vibrant colours of your tassel by upcycling it and using it as an accessory on your basket, bag or keychain.

PLEASE NOTE: Pictured is an example of a Small Banjara Tassel - each tassel design is different.