Handwoven Market Baskets, the best selection in Australia.  Handmade in Morocco from palm leaves.  Can resemble cane baskets and wicker baskets. Great beach baskets and shopping bags.

Banjara L28 (Large)

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 Banjara L28 (Large)
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The Banjaras are an ethnic group composed of nomadic tribes, centred in  Northern India.  They are renowned for their highly colourful textiles.  These tassels are vintage tassels, so they have a history and have been used before.  The tassels might have adorned dancers or even camels!  

We use the colourful, vintage Banjara tassels to adorn our baskets.

Every tassel is unique and you will not find another like it.

Please refer to the photograph of the basket with the 3 Banjara tassels to see what size you are buying to hang on your basket.

Enjoy the fun, history and vibrant colours of your tassel by upcycling it and using it as an accessory on your basket, bag or keychain.