These baskets are genuine French-style market baskets, hand crafted in Morocco from natural palm fibre with strong Moroccan leather handles.

*4 x Imperfect Avas*

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 *4 x Imperfect Avas*
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Bundle Bargain | Buy 4 x imperfect Ava baskets for $116 - that's only $29 per basket!

Receive 4 colours - Turquoise, White, Brown and Navy - to brighten up your shop this winter.

Maddys are a large French handwoven basket with thick 50cm coloured leather handles and leather trim around the edge - can be held by hand or over the shoulder.

Good for picnics or hampers as it stands up well - also great for shopping, the beach and so much more.

Imperfect baskets are just as durable and strong as our regular baskets, however they have a few slight imperfections. These could be a mark in the leather, a knot in the base, an uneven edge or an upside down label.

Approximate dimensions: W: 48-50cm H: 35-38cm