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The Man Drawer (or Basket!)

By  Gabrielle King

It is said two things are certain in life; death and taxes. But a third certainty lurks in many homes, so common you may not even know how or when it began.

We are talking, of course, about The Man Drawer.

An unwritten household law states that any drawer, bowl, shelf or basket that lays empty long enough will eventually morph into The Man Drawer.

What is The Man Drawer? It is the storage place for things that aren't needed, but mustn't be thrown away. Common frequenters to The Man Drawer include dead batteries, an assortment of cables, loose screws/nuts/allen keys, mobile phones from the early 00s, instruction manuals from that blender you owned 7 years ago, and 5c pieces.

The establishment of The Man Drawer may not always be intentional. It often begins with what are indeed 'the essentials' (Picture 1). When these essentials remain untouched, confidence starts to brew, and in sneak bottle tops, grocery receipts and the odd broken pen.

Then, seemingly overnight, the flood gates open, and The Man Drawer becomes a home for everyone and everything (Picture 2). Whatever can fit, will, and whatever can't, will have room made for it.

You may consider 'tidying up' (read: dispose of) items in The Man Drawer, questioning their need to be in your home. But prepare to be met with a rebuttal that has been building since The Man Drawer was born:

'You just never know when you'll need _______!'

And to explain the rest, we'll leave you with this one from Michael McIntyre!



This Man Drawer/Basket features our Large Rustic Platter.


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