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5 Easter Egg Hunts with a Twist

By  Gabrielle King

The Easter bunny is knocking on our doorsteps, and with it brings one of our favourite traditions - the Easter Egg hunt! While the mad-dash hunt is a tradition for many, the hunt itself doesn't need to be the same year in, year out. Looking for fresh inspiration? Shake it up this year with one of these egg-cellent alternatives.

Treasure hunt

Hide clues in plastic eggs, with each egg leading to the next, the last leading to the grand prize. Give the kids the first clue, then let them follow the ‘clue trail’ to find the other eggs hidden around the house or garden. Use simple clues for the youngsters, like ‘look in the toy box’ or ‘under the living room rug’, and more cryptic clues for the older kids; try ‘I heat up food in an instant’ (in the microwave) or ‘a soft place to rest your head’ (under a pillow)


Letter hunt

Rather than an egg hunt, give the kids a ‘code word’ where they need to hunt for each letter in that word. To offer helpful hints, hide the each letter in a place starting with that letter: ‘S’ in a shoe, ‘F’ in the fridge – it’s like eye-spy meets a scavenger hunt!


Non-chocolate egg hunt

Wanting to opt for something besides chocolate this Easter? Fill plastic eggs with fun little gift – stickers, hair clips, stamps or balloons. Hide eggs like a traditional hunt but instead of the kids feasting on chocolates at the end, they’ll have activities to do instead! Or maybe hide pieces of a larger craft project inside each egg, where the kids need to find all the eggs in order to build their masterpiece. Think play dough, pipe cleaners, glitter and pom-poms, with one egg containing building instructions.


Easter piñata

Wanting something a little different to the an egg hunt? Make a piñata instead! Prepare it a week before so it is good to go come Easter morning. Just paper mache over an inflated balloon and leave a hole at the top. Once dry, pop and remove the balloon through the hole and fill with small eggs, covering the hole with clear tape, and paint the outside just like an Easter egg. Tie to the clothesline, find a stick, and get whacking! Blind-fold optional, but fun is guaranteed.

Get the step-by-step guide here


Colour co-ordinating

Do some of the younger kids miss out on eggs because the older kids find them all first? Tie a different ribbon to each kids basket and instigate one rule: they can only collect eggs in that colour! Vary the egg sizes to keep it interesting.



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