Handwoven Market Baskets, the best selection in Australia.  Handmade in Morocco from palm leaves.  Can resemble cane baskets and wicker baskets. Great beach baskets and shopping bags.


When Lindy McLeod was visiting France many years ago, she admired the women of Paris milling around with their gorgeous shopping baskets, brimming with fresh produce. Lindy bought some of these handwoven market baskets for herself, and they soon became an indispensable part of her life. Not only did the baskets look great but they also proved to be extremely hardwearing and sustainable.

So on her return to Australia, Lindy founded The Market Basket Co, making these handmade French baskets available to everyone in Australia. In 2015, Lindy retired and Tutty Welsh took over the company. Tutty (pictured on the right) has introduced new basket styles while still continuing to stock the favourites. Tutty hopes The Market Basket Co can help steer Australian's away from plastic bags, choosing to use these natural and sustainable market baskets instead. The market baskets have been a phenomenal success wherever they have been sold!  

Our market baskets are genuine, French-inspired baskets imported from Morocco. Each basket is handwoven using strips of leaves from the Phoenix Dactylifera date palm. These strips are woven then sewn together and the basket is built up in "rounds" - the more rounds the bigger the basket! Our market basket handles are made from genuine Moroccan leather which are sewn on by hand. Our non-leather handles are made from firmly woven sisal rope. As each basket is handwoven, shape and sizing will vary slightly, but it means the basket you get is unique and made with love, care and precision.

Naturally, market baskets are perfect as shopping bags for envirnmentally caring Australians and they are extremely versatile. They make for an ideal picnic basket, work superbly as a beach bag, and add a touch of rustic style as home storage baskets. They also make for a beautiful gift basket - either on their own or used as a gift hamper. You can even take one away for the weekend - it's much easier to pack than a suitcase!

Once you own one of these beautiful handwoven baskets it will become an essential part of your life - you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

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