Handwoven Market Baskets, the best selection in Australia.  Handmade in Morocco from palm leaves.  Can resemble cane baskets and wicker baskets. Great beach baskets and shopping bags.


Basket Questions
  1. How big are the baskets?
  2. What leather is used?
  3. How do I best care for my basket?
  4. What are shipping costs and times?
  5. Can I return my basket?
  6. Do you sell to the public?
  7. Are you exclusive about your wholesale customers?
  8. What can I use my basket for?

1.   How big are the baskets?

It's difficult to give exact measurements for each basket style as they come packed in stacks of 25 – 50 baskets and so size does vary. However, the number of “rounds” in a basket is a rough indication of the size of the basket - the more rounds the bigger the basket!

The largest baskets are 11 rounds, the size of a large shopping basket or beach bag, suitable for a family. They have shorter handles as they are generally too large to be worn over the shoulder.

Most of the basket styles are either 10 or 9 rounds, so are medium-sized shopping baskets but not too big to be worn over the shoulder (if they have long handles).

The "small" baskets* on the website are suitable for small hampers, storing toiletries etc or as a little girl's baskets.

*Please note that the Small Mias and Lauras are actually a medium-sized basket. They are Small in relation to the Large baskets in those ranges.

2.   What leather is used?

The leather used in making the handles or for trimming the baskets is goat or cow leather which has been treated either by dying, oiling or painting.

3.   How do I best care for my basket?

If properly cared for, your basket will last for a long time. If it gets dirty you can wash your basket in soapy water (but do not leave it in water for more than five minutes), allow it to drain and then hang it up to dry. Drying in the sun works best; placing ther basket upside-down over an upside-down bucket to maintain its shape.

The basket is fine to use for wet clothing such as washing or swimming gear. Just ensure you allow your basket to dry thoroughly after it gets wet to prevent mould – being made of a natural fibre it does not like to remain wet.

As the baskets come packed in stacks of 25-50 baskets, the base of some baskets are flatter than others. The base of the basket gets flatter with use. However, if the base of your basket needs to be reshaped a little, wet the bottom of the basket, reshape it, and let it dry thoroughly.

If the leather gets dirty, clean with a little leather soap or warm soapy water - but keep in mind that age adds character to your basket.

4.   What are shipping costs and times?

Postage for 1 basket is $18.00 Australia wide. It is then increases by approximately $1 for each additional basket.  

Your order will not be shipped until we receive your payment. If you select manual payment at checkout, you will need to pay via bank transfer (details on invoice) or call us to pay via card over the phone.

Please allow 10 business days (excluding weekends and publicly-recognised holidays) from your order confirmation and payment processing until delivery of your basket(s). We make every effort to honour the estimated delivery time in regards to your receipt of your basket(s), however, estimated delivery times may be subject to circumstances outside of our control. You will be sent a tracking number when your parcel is despatched so you can track its progress. If your delivery window has passed and you have not received your basket(s), please contact us for information on the status of your order.

Please note we are currently only able to ship within Australia

5.   Can I return my basket?

We check each basket individually for quality before dispatch, however, if you receive a basket you believe is faulty, please email or call us during business hours to arrange a replacement.

You may also return your basket if you are not entirely happy with it (at your own postage expense) within 14 days of receipt for a refund.  This refund is for the price of the basket only, not the initial postage.

Please send us an e-mail before you ship your purchase back to us so that we will be expecting it. Returns should be posted to: The Market Basket Co., PO Box 738, The Junction NSW 2291.

6.   Do you sell to the public?

Yes! While we do sell to stores/businesses who have signed up as wholesale customers, we also sell to the general public. Just add what basket(s) you'd like to your cart and proceed through express checkout - no need to sign in or create an account.

7.   Are you exclusive about your wholesale customers?

At The Market Basket Co we have a 'no exclusivity' policy. This means we are happy to sell our baskets wholesale to anyone who registers wiuth us as a wholesale customer. We do not turn away stores if there is already a store in that area/town/city selling our baskets.

This is because we have over 30+ basket styles, and not all stores will stock all styles. Also, some stores may only buy from us periodically and not stock our baskets year round. Lastly, we want as many stores as possible to enjoy our product and be able to share our baskets with their customers.

8.   What can I use my basket for?

You will find lots of uses for your French market basket - the possible uses are only limited by your imagination! We can guarantee that once you welcome a market basket into your life, you will probably wonder what you ever did without it!

Here are some of our favourite uses:

  • Supermarket shopping (it goes straight from trolley into your car boot)
  • Shopping at farmer’s markets and gourmet food markets
  • Great for the beach, pool, picnics, boating, etc
  • Perfect as a picnic basket for your picnic rug and gourmet goodies
  • Makes a beautiful gift, either on its own or filled with great food and wine.
  • Take it away for the weekend - perfect size for an overnight stay!
  • Use it for both wet and dry washing.
  • Great for storage of magazines, toys, craft, towels, etc.
  • Useful for carrying books, or even small dogs!