These baskets are genuine French-style market baskets, hand crafted in Morocco from natural palm fibre with strong Moroccan leather handles.

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Friday 19th August 2016
By  Gabrielle King

It is said two things are certain in life; death and taxes. But a third certainty lurks in many homes, so common you may not even know how or when it began.

We are talking, of course, about The Man Drawer.

An unwritten household law states that any drawer, bowl,

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Friday 22nd July 2016
By  Tutty Welsh

The time has come to officially launch our Wayuu bags!

Intricately designed and carefully hand woven, each colourful Wayuu bag is truly one-of-a-kind.

Of the 300 bags we received here at The Market Basket Co, no two are alike. This means when you order a Wayuu bag from us,

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Category: Our Products
Friday 1st July 2016
By  Tutty Welsh

We’ve had a makeover!

It was time for some pre-Spring cleaning here at The Market Basket Co, so we’ve updated our website with a brand new look.

We wanted to make this space easy for you to explore, so now you can find

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